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I have been considering the nicknames given to the Masters of Buckland (Brandybuck of Buckland Famiily Tree), and I am wondering about Saradoc's: Scattergold.'

Saradoc's father, the reknowned Rorimac, was called 'Goldfather.' I'm assuming this means he either had a talent for making money or that he horded it. Certainly it seems to imply wealth in any case.

So if Saradoc was tagged 'Scattergold,' does that mean he was wasteful in spending it or benevolent in bestowing it on those less fortunate?

What do you think?

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On 17th July 2007 12:24 (UTC), gloryunderhill commented:
I believe the underlined names in the family trees refer to hobbits who attended "The Party". It's in the notes there somewhere.
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On 17th July 2007 13:08 (UTC), gamgeefest replied:
Oh, that's right. I'm thinking of the CAPS names.
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